For LTL shipments, what if I don’t know the class of my cargo?

We use a class calculator system that can be provided as a tool for our customers, this calculator is 97% accurate. Only the class of the high value items cannot be determinate by this calculator. For those kind of items you can always ask one of our customer service representatives, call us or send us an e-mail to and we will answer your question in just few minutes.

Do I need to know what kind of truck is necessary to move my freight?

No you don’t, our logistics specialist’s team is aware of all the regulations for inland transportation in the United States and Canada, Nevertheless we will need the dimensions and weight of your freight so we can find the right truck for you according to the DOT restrictions.

What if I am not the shipper and I don’t know the dimensions and weight?

If you do not know this information our customer service department can contact the shipper and ask all the information we need in order to make the arrangements for transportation, the customer can get involved as much as he wants, but he will have somebody from Green Light working and making sure the job gets done. For other questions please contact us by e-mail, these are our corporate e-mails:

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